MasterCard launch a new brand message: "Priceless Cities". These are some of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world where MasterCard is the main key to discover the city while access to the most exciting activities: Concerts, Sports, Entertaintment, Restaurants, Hotels, Museums, etc. 

We needed to find a way to deliver the message to the travelers, our main target. So we teamed up with Spotify and created personalised playlist for each city to be discover in an unique way. So, using the GPS on your phone, Spotify will detect the city you are visiting, even the neighbourhood you are at that time, and will play the perfect music for you to discover every new place. Because having the perfect soundtrack for a city your about to discover, is priceless.

Select 'MasterCard Priceless Cities' from the Browser

Spotify will detect your location automatically.

Select the neighbourhood you want to explore

Enjoy a customised playlist to discover the city with the music that makes it priceless.